A study on 100 subjects showed that DMAE fights mild depression and fatigue; sleep also improved..
read about all the allround talent with large unknown effects of DHEA...
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Read here about the real effects of curcumin and curcuma...
Interesting studies about colostrum you never heard about it..
In addition to antioxidants such as vitamin C, OPC, Q10, vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, selenium and others, beta-carotene plays a central role as an efficient antioxidant and is therefore added to butter and margarine to make it last longer.
Saponins in astragalus protect the heart muscle from dangerous lipid peroxidation and blood clotting.
Astragalus reduces heart rate in congestive heart failure and reduces discomfort and much more...
The aronia berry as the richest source against destructive free radicals

Polyphenols have about 100 times more antioxidant potential than vitamins (vitamin C contributes just 15 % to the antioxidant protection of cells).
In a similar way to papaya, pineapple's stimulating and regulating effect on our immune system is multifactorial and takes place on the following basis...
In the fight against free radicals, the radical scavengers (antioxidants) lose their energy and then our organism does not have them to protect it. Like no other antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid has shown remarkable regenerative (protective) effects on the extremely important vitamins C and E, which not only act as antioxidants, but also fulfil many other important functions in the body.
After all: what’s so exciting about vitamin C – don’t we already know all the facts? Most people know that vitamin C or ascorbic acid is not particularly spectacular, a dusty ‘utensil’ from the late 70s... We know that most of it is excreted in urine, and weren’t there also some studies which proved that vitamin C not only demonstrates very little effect but may even be harmful and can cause kidney stones, among other unpleasant problems...?

Yet what if the case is different...?

What if there is more to the supposedly stale vitamin than we are aware – much, much more...?

The holy mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are one of the oldest, most traditional natural remedies that exist and have been used in Asia for thousands of years prophylactically and therapeutically with great success.
Strophanthin, which was known and rightly celebrated just a few years ago as 'insulin for cardiac patients', is now in dire straits and has nearly been forgotten. The specialist is astonished and the layman wonders – this could be the title of this very unique 'strophanthin case'...
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