Colloidal gold increases intelligence by 20 %

As already described in the introduction and as probably known by most readers already, the nerve cells in the brain communicate via electrical impulses – only through these signals is information sent from one neuron to the next in the brain.

The attentive reader might conclude that regular intake of colloidal gold not only increases the transmission of genetic information many times, but could also have a noticeable positive effect on all body processes that depend on electrical impulses – including the brain power.

That's really how it is! Within a pilot study, participants' IQ score increased by a whopping 20 %, as evidenced by an IQ test that subjects took at the beginning and after 3 months of gold intake.[1]

Gold enhances mood

By dispersing internal blockages, calming the nervous system and activating the inner energy, gold provides inner relaxation and a harmonious perspective. Gold is also proven to stimulate the production of endorphin-like hormones that create a good mood and a harmonious inner feeling.

Colloidal gold increases performance and energy

The nano-sized, tiny gold particles spread at a rapid speed in the entire body (also in the mitochondria, the ‘power plants’ of our cells) and bring us an unexpected energy boost. Due to the optimised intercellular communication, our physiological and mental performance increases noticeably and measurably.

Gold increases movement coordination

Our movement coordination depends on the neural interaction between the cerebrum, spinal cord, motor nerve and ultimately muscle fibres. This communication is controlled by electrical impulses, and as we read above, gold has the best electrical conductivity of all metals. The intake of colloidal gold enhances the electrical impulses within the nerve cells and therefore intramuscular coordination – something that benefits everyone, especially the elderly and competitive athletes!

Gold – a potent scavenger of free radicals

So-called free radicals are crucially responsible for ageing processes and countless diseases, ranging from ADHD, to cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. Because colloidal gold contributes to the production of two extremely effective radical scavengers (so-called ‘antioxidants’), namely glutathione and SOD, it protects against countless diseases and slows down the ageing process.

Colloidal gold stimulates the ‘Methuselah enzyme’

The enzyme SOD is our most important enzymatic antioxidant and mainly fends off the most dangerous radicals for us humans, the ‘superoxides’. Not for nothing is the SOD also dubbed the ‘Methuselah enzyme’. The function of glutathione, a very potent antioxidant that also frees our bodies from inflammation and poisons, should also not be underestimated.

Gold stimulates the immune system

In several studies, it has been shown that gold stimulates the phagocytes of the immune system (the ‘macrophages’). However, gold does not just act as a stimulator, but rather as an intelligent regulator. This has the advantage that it does not cause excessive immune reactions, which in themselves can lead to unpleasant symptoms and diseases (allergies, arthritis, etc.).

Antibacterial and antiviral effects of gold

While colloidal silver, the ‘little sister’ of colloidal gold, is known to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi in a very short time, colloidal gold is also capable of effectively fighting bacteria and viruses. As already described in the preamble, gold colloids are, at only 0.126nm, about 2,000 times smaller than the smallest known bacterium. Gold owes its ability to penetrate and destroy bacteria, viruses and other parasites to this fact. In addition to the immune-stimulating properties, gold can also attack directly and free us from unpleasant parasites!

As Robert Koch discovered in 1890, tuberculosis bacteria cannot survive in the immediate vicinity of gold. An interesting study from 2011 and another from 2013 demonstrated the efficacy of gold nanoparticles against salmonella.[2]

Protection against inflammation

Chronic inflammation are symptoms of many diseases and not infrequently, but unfortunately, are causes of other emerging diseases at the same time – a vicious circle, which must be broken as soon as possible. Also, inflammation has been shown to accelerate our biological ageing by, not least, contributing to the shortening of our telomeres (the so-called ‘life lights’)!

Not only in everyday therapy, but also in scientific studies, gold was able to demonstrate pronounced anti-inflammatory effects. Researchers at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm (Sweden) have recently shown that colloidal gold stimulates a protein called ‘HMGB 1’, a process that helps to reduce inflammation.

It is therefore little wonder that gold was successfully used for rheumatic diseases 100 years ago, for example in rheumatoid arthritis. However, the former method of administration, a gold salt injection, turned out to be disadvantageous, since the gold salt injections led to side effects that colloidal gold does not have on its own (due to its purity)!

Colloidal gold repairs our DNA

The entire genetic life programming of a cell is encoded within our DNA. In cooperation with the RNA, the DNA controls all body processes at the cell level, including the necessary repair of cell damage occurring daily within cell metabolism. As colloidal gold improves the flow of information from our DNA (genetic material) by 10,000 times, gold plays a crucial role in DNA repair. The body uses gold molecules to repair DNA damage. Facts confirmed by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, among others.

It has been proven that DNA repair is also supported by glutathione contained in colloidal gold.

Colloidal gold reactivates our glandular system

Glands are important organs that control vital processes in the body, produce hormones, secretions and sweat.

The ageing of our glandular system is generally associated with loss of functions and numerous diseases and complaints. From the release of hormones to the need-based regulation of our body temperature, glands take on vital tasks.

Millions of glands are distributed throughout the body of every human being. Depending on the place of release, a distinction is made between endocrine glands and exocrine glands. Endocrine glands give off secretions into the blood vessel system, while exocrine glands secrete onto internal or external surfaces.

Endocrine glands

·         Parathyroid gland

·         Thyroid gland

·         Pituitary gland

·         Leydig cells of the testicle

·         Enterochromaffin cell

·         Islet cells of the pancreas

·         Pineal gland

Exocrine glands

·         Sweat

·         Sebaceous glands

·         Salivary glands

·         Lacrimal glands

·         Bronchial glands

·         Prostate

·         Exocrine pancreas

·         Brunner's glands

·         Gastric glands

·         Uterine glands


Colloidal gold is able to reactivate our complete endocrine system, prevent numerous signs of ageing and diseases associated with an aged glandular system, and repair existing functional deficits and counteract blockages.

The effect of colloidal gold on a very special gland located in the centre of the brain – our pineal gland – is very interesting!


[2] Brigitte Hamann, ‘Heilen mit Gold’ (‘Healing with Gold’) 2nd Edition 2015, p. 87