Effect of colloidal silver

The effect of colloidal silver is based on two factors: first, the previously mentioned Brownian movement, whose electrical negative polarisation interferes with the respiratory chain of the pathogens and causes their suffocation, its application also strengthens our immune system, which in turn can fight pathogens better.

Added to this is the extraordinary ability to stimulate cell growth and accelerate the healing of injured tissue by more than 50 %.

Due to the enormously broad spectrum of colloidal silver’s activity against about 650 pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, streptococci, staphylococci and other pathogenic organisms) and the promotion of cell growth, its effectiveness against countless diseases is just as understandable. Finally, many diseases are directly or indirectly related to these parasites or cell destruction, which colloidal silver can help repair. Colloidal silver has been successful in treating the following diseases:


Diseases of the eye


eye inflammation (ophthalmia)

eyelid inflammation (blepharitis)


corneal inflammation (keratitis)

corneal ulcers

lacrimal sac inflammation

Respiratory diseases

whooping cough
Legionnaires' disease
lung inflammation
nasal catarrh
rhinitis (nasal mucosal inflammation)

Skin diseases

bromidrosis (foul-smelling sweat secretion)
skin cancer
fungal skin infections
skin tuberculosis (Lupus)
herpes zoster (shingles
impetigo (purulent skin infection)
rosacea (‘copper fins’)                                               
cutting and puncture injuries of all kinds

Diseases of the urological genital area

cystitis (chronic)
gonorrhoea (tripper
leucorrhoea (white vaginal discharge)
prostate complaints

Diseases of the digestive tract


salmonella infection

Colloidal silver has also been reported to have been used successfully in the treatment of the following diseases:

·                     adenovirus type 5

·                     allergies

·                     arthritis

·                     tapeworm

·                     conjunctivitis

·                     blepharitis

·                     blood parasites

·                     Candida albicans 

·                     diabetes

·                     inflammation of the colon

·                     diphtheria

·                     impetigo

·                     eczema 

·                     inflammation 

·                     inflammation of the ear canal

·                     boils

·                     ulcers

·                     gingivitis

·                     gonorrhoea

·                     shingles

·                     skin rash

·                     sore throat

·                     skin cracks

·                     lupus

·                     hepatitis

·                     hay fever

·                     poliomyelitis

·                     stomach inflammation

·                     gastritis

·                     tonsillitis

·                     meningitis

·                     otitis

·                     halitosis

·                     neurasthenia

·                     ear disorders

·                     fungal infections

·                     rheumatism

·                     acid-base balance

·                     scarlet fever

·                     cuts and puncture wounds

·                     psoriasis

·                     seborrhoea

·                     sepsis

·                     staphylococcal infection

·                     streptococcal infection

·                     burns 

·                     warts 

·                     wounds

·                     plaque

·                     gum disease

·                     gum bleeding

·                     tick bites​​


Colloidal silver as a healthy alternative to antibiotics

The following statement from the renowned scientific journal Science Digest on colloidal silver in comparison to antibiotics shows that colloidal silver is not just a healthy alternative to antibiotics, but is also superior in effect:

Colloidal silver is one of the most effective killers of bacteria. Colloidal silver turns out to be a miracle of modern medicine. A conventional antibiotic may eliminate a dozen different pathogens, but colloidal silver kills about 650!’ (Science Digest, March 1978)

The failure of antibiotics

Judging by statistics, we find that modern civilisation has taken a giant leap into the Dark Ages thanks to self-induced global resistance to traditional antibiotics, and one must realise with horror that, like middle-aged people, we have become quite defenceless against bacteria and viruses.

With horror, we hear that 80 % of all bacteria are resistant to penicillin – i.e. it has no effect on them!

In the US, infectious diseases are now the third most common cause of death within the population; our situation might not be so different!

Paradoxically, greedy Big Pharma is responding to this problem by churning out new antibiotics without taking away the old ones that bacteria are long immune to. As a result, there are now 8,000 allegedly different antibiotics in circulation; the effects and side effects are very dubious.

Colloidal silver is a prime example of how misguided modern medicine can be, so it is not surprising that patients acquired in the year 2011  721 800 infections at hospitals. According to the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention 75 000 of them died.[1] And 60-80 % of all patients have become partly or wholly resistant to antibiotic treatment!

Reasons for the failure of antibiotics:

Since colloidal silver is not patentable as a natural substance, it makes no sense for Big Pharma to prefer it to its own synthetic – and thus patentable – antibiotics.

The powerful, politically very influential Big Pharma fights tooth and nail against these unpatentable alternatives from nature – which not only compete with the synthetic drugs but are mostly far superior to them in terms of effect-side effect comparison! Therefore, it is in the financial interest of Big Pharma not only to prevent the global therapeutic use of substances such as colloidal silver, but to suppress as much information on the subject as possible.

Thankfully, thanks to the Internet, this is no longer possible; people are beginning to experience the useless and dangerous treatments being used on them – and what kind of beneficial substances Mother Nature is withholding from them!

Our self-imposed antibiotic resistance

The reasons for the increasing antibiotic resistance are of our own making: on the one hand, these reasons are related to the unconscious intake of antibiotics via animals fed on antibiotics; on the other hand, they consist in the excessive tendency of doctors to prescribe antibiotics, which results in acclimation of the bacterial strains.

The extent of the danger becomes clear when one hears at regular intervals of new bacteria, such as the EHEC pathogen currently under discussion, which endanger the lives of people due to a non-response to antibiotics.

Should we one day be exposed to a real epidemic, such as cholera or the plague, that claimed tens of thousands of human lives, we would be vulnerable to such a terrible scenario again!

Side effects of antibiotics

While people are gradually hearing more and more, albeit incidentally, about the increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, very few people really know how serious the side effects of antibiotics are. These are not restricted to stomach and intestinal problems, which can typically occur after taking antibiotics, but relevant studies point to much more dangerous side effects. As already described above, the antibiotic ‘neomycin’ causes liver dysfunction, ‘tetracyclines’ cause yellowing of the teeth in children, and ‘chloramphenicol’ causes bone marrow depressions, known as ‘anaemic intake’. In addition, antibiotics are associated with hyperactivity in children, allergies, psoriasis, endocrine disorders, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis and cancer![2]

Furthermore, antibiotics can destroy vital intestinal bacteria and thus put our intestinal flora out of balance. An upset intestinal flora has a tragic effect on our health, because it is an invitation for harmful bacteria to multiply and at the same time it prevents efficient nutrient absorption!

Colloidal silver as a healthy alternative to antibiotics

Thus, while antibiotics only eliminate about a dozen bacteria, but perform this task inadequately due to increasing resistance and cause severe side effects, colloidal silver successfully fights about 650 of all imaginable parasites; bacteria, viruses, fungi, streptococci, staphylococci or other pathogenic organisms – with no side effects!

And while many people are allergic to antibiotics, allergic reactions to colloidal silver are completely unheard of. The typical resistance that bacteria develop to antibiotics rarely occurs when colloidal silver is used to treat them, if at all. Colloidal silver effectively combats those bacteria that are already resistant to traditional antibiotics and no longer respond to them.

Based on all these facts, colloidal silver is actually not an alternative to antibiotics, but the therapy of choice, albeit a hitherto suppressed and therefore relatively unknown one.