Colloidal Silver and the effects

Silver produces stem cells that allow entire limbs to regrow...!

As mentioned in the preface, combating viruses, bacteria and all other parasites is by no means the only discipline that colloidal silver masters with flying colours – quite the contrary!

Stem cell research is on everyone's lips, whether in connection with emergency and reconstructive surgery, or very advanced techniques of cosmetic surgery (especially in connection with anti-ageing).

What is so interesting about stem cells?

Stem cells have the extraordinary ability to accelerate wound healing and regenerate even entire organs and limbs when needed! Stem cell research could one day help to avoid thousands of amputations, and even rebuild limbs and organs damaged by bruises, cuts, or disease. Furthermore, the stem cell research for gerontology (ageing research) is very interesting, in the future, all aged human organs could be brought back to the condition there were in decades before!

Unfortunately, stem cell research is a very complex field and stem cell production, according to the official current state of medicine, is more than difficult, or is morally questionable.

For example, mothers in laboratories even breed embryos for stem cell production, for example, to help a sick family member. However, our immune system repels foreign DNA, causing it to weaken, with all the associated risks to our health.

Stem cells can also be obtained from the blood via complicated procedures, but it is so expensive and time-consuming that it is out of the question for all but the smallest minority of patients...

You can imagine how helpful it would be if there were a method of producing body cells that was completely uncomplicated and cost-effective.

But what if we are not speaking of futuristic visions at this point – what if this method already exists in the form of a cost-effective method based on a natural substance?

Prof. Dr. Robert O. Becker, author of the book ‘Cross Currents and The Body Electric’ and former Director of Orthopaedic Surgery at Veterans Hospital Syracuse, New York, can prove these successes with the precious metal silver in conjunction with an uncomplicated DC procedure on hundreds of patients – regrowing limbs lost due to accidents or diseases...! 

In his book, he writes on page 175:     

...Electrically generated silver ions can produce enough cells to form human blastema (the stem-cell-derived material that becomes healthy, healed tissue) and have restored my belief in a complete regeneration of limbs and other body parts in humans...’

More on this later, first of all, let’s clarify what stem cells are...

Stem cells, as the name implies, are the most primitive of all cell types, found in embryos, foetuses and the umbilical cord, for example.  Stem cells have the extraordinary ability to transform themselves into every imaginable body cell when needed, to heal injuries, to regenerate organs and even whole limbs if necessary.

Stem cells are therefore the perfect starting material for all cells, so they can form fresh skin cells, hair cells, bone cells, liver cells, heart cells, etc.

Possibilities that can counteract the worst injuries, diseases and even biological ageing.

While these are well-known facts about stem cell research, it is an absolute novelty in medicine that these stem cells can also be naturally produced, and our body can create the number of stem cells it needs to heal a wound, a limb or organ itself and can direct the produced stem cells to the respective organ that is damaged!

Even more astonishing, however, is the fact that each of us can easily and inexpensively stimulate our own body to produce the necessary amount of stem cells in order to subsequently convert them into the tissue form required at a given time!

As Prof. Becker was able to establish this – the prerequisite for this is the external delivery of sufficiently positively charged silver ions (silver particles) – in the form of so-called colloidal silver.

In his seven years of research work, Prof. Dr. Robert O. Becker demonstrated that low DC electrical current flowing between a positive and negative silver electrode is able to strongly promote the healing properties of tissue. Healing is accelerated by about 50 %, but even more astonishing is the fact that fully functional, scar-free, healthy tissue will regrow even in wounds that would normally leave large craters or never completely heal. A complete cure and recovery in such extreme cases is always solely attributable to the promotion of stem cell production in the body!

The procedure is so successful that a patient’s finger that had been crushed in an accident completely recovered in just two and a half months – with positive functional tests, nerve conduction and blood flow.

Left untreated, the finger would soon turn black and fall off, and in fact the orthopaedists recommended an amputation of the finger – but the patient refused and, fortunately, opted for silver ion therapy!

See corresponding pictures here:

It is precisely these positively charged silver particles that stimulate stem cell production in our bodies, resulting in fresh stem cells that have our body's own DNA and are actually able not only to promote the healing of minor injuries, but also to reconstruct entire human (and animal) limbs!

Unlike colloidal silver produced by the Bredig process, silver nitrate produced by pulverisation of silver is toxic and can lead to argyria (blue discolouration of the skin – the preferred deterrent of the pharmaceutical industry for warning against colloidal silver). The colloidal silver produced by the Bredig method described above is non-toxic and cannot lead to argyria!

Colloidal silver can be easily produced by anyone today, since the corresponding equipment, including the necessary silver rods, are very inexpensive. But since the colloidal silver from the pharmacy production is also very cheap (from about 40 euros per litre), you should opt for ready-produced colloidal silver if you are in any way uncertain.

Dr. Robert O. Becker has investigated the mechanism by which silver ions enable the rebuilding of tissue for almost a decade. Becker presented his findings for the first time at the first international conference on the use of silver and gold in medicine in 1987.  Over the decade, this technique has been used by Mountain Medical Specialties of Lakemont, Georgia, where hundreds of patients with various wounds have been treated.

In addition, a laboratory study by the US Army Institute for Surgical Research at Fort Sam Houston has shown that experimental animals with burns treated with silver-nylon dressings recovered much faster under controlled conditions.

The advantages of this technology’, says Prof. Becker, ‘are the ease of use, the use of the patient's own cells, the absence of immune response, there is no need to use human foetuses as a source of stem cells, no need to use immunosuppressants (drugs that inhibit the immune system), and it's more economical’.

After several hundred patient cases, Prof. Becker became convinced that the method works in three stages:

Stage 1:

chemical reaction of the highly active free silver ions with all bacteria or fungi in the wound, which are inactivated within 20 to 30 minutes.


Stage 2:

in the following days, Stage 2 follows. Silver acts on the fibroblast cells (the cells that usually cause scars to form in the course of wound healing), causing them to return to their embryonic state and become stem cells.  These cells have the task of reconstructing new tissue in its original structure without forming scars.

Stage 3:

In the final phase, the silver ions come into contact with the living cells in the wound area and immediately start to produce stem cells and transform into the healthy tissue that was present before the wound!

The result of this transformation is the complete restoration of all anatomical structures without scarring, including the nerves and blood supply. No cases of argyria (discolouration of the skin) or any other side effect were detected. No other known treatment provides a sufficient number of embryonic cells (stem cells), which is essential for a proper regeneration of damaged or destroyed human and animal tissue. This success shows that silver ions not only have the potential to heal near-surface wounds, but also to restore internal organs such as the heart, liver, brain and spinal cord.