What is vitamin B17 (laetrile, amygdalin)?

Vitamin B17, also called laetrile or amygdalin, is referred to by alternative cancer physicians and laetrile researchers as a ‘natural chemotherapeutic’ found in more than 1,200 plants. Bitter apricot kernels, however, have the largest deposits; furthermore, laetrile can be found in apples, plums and peaches.

How does vitamin B17 (laetrile, amygdalin) work?

According to its discoverer Dr. Krebs, it acts very selectively and exclusively on the cancer cells, releasing high concentrations of the toxic hydrogen cyanide molecule in these cells; at the same time, the healthy cell is protected by the enzyme rhodanese, whereby the incoming poisons are instantly neutralised by being converted to the harmless enzyme rhodanide.

Can all apricot kernels be used, or just the bitter ones?

Only the bitter apricot kernels contain the active ingredient vitamin B17 (laetrile, amygdalin) – all other apricot kernels contain little of it or none at all and are therefore ineffective!

Does vitamin B17 have an analgesic effect?

The benzaldehyde molecule in laetrile is an effective, natural, analgesic that works against cancer pain.


Is vitamin B17 sufficient for cancer therapy?

No way! Many success stories of former cancer patients, who have fought their cancer with the bitter apricot kernels alone (vitamin B17), could lead one to this conclusion, but one thing should nevertheless be clear: while vitamin B17 is likely to have a positive effect on every type of cancer, every human and every type of cancer may react differently!

In most cases, it would be negligent to gamble on a life-threatening condition such as cancer, arm yourself with a few pounds of bitter apricot kernels and go it alone! Rather, vitamin B17 should be used in conjunction with a holistic cancer therapy, which is guided and accompanied by laetrile doctors!

Furthermore, vitamin B-17 (laetrile) should always be taken in conjunction with enzymes from pineapple and papaya fruit (bromelain, papain). These help to crack the ‘protective armour’ of the tumour, allowing the laetrile to better penetrate the cancer cell.

Is laetrile, amygdalin (vitamin B17) legal or is it banned?

At the moment, apricot kernels and thus vitamin B17 are approved as a dietary supplement in the EU and therefore legal! In the US, laetrile is restricted and in California, for example, the use of laetrile/amygdalin (vitamin B17) for cancer in humans is prohibited under certain circumstances.

What dose of laetrile is recommended for the prevention of cancer?

At this point, laetrile therapists distinguish between the following three states:

1) One is healthy and would like to take apricot kernels preventively:

Dr. Krebs, the discoverer, recommends a minimum of 50 mg laetrile in healthy adults for prevention purposes. The average amount of laetrile in a bitter apricot kernel is about 4-5 mg laetrile, but this can vary by a factor of 6!

The number of bitter apricot kernels recommended for preventive purposes is about seven to ten bitter apricot kernels a day, which roughly matches the recommendation!

2) You currently have cancer that you want to fight with laetrile:

For people already suffering from cancer, laetrile researchers usually recommend a dose of approximately 6 g laetrile, given intravenously over a period of usually three weeks.

This should never be attempted in isolation, but always as part of holistic metabolic therapy, guided by an experienced doctor, since, according to laetrile experts, the death of the cancerous cells produces toxins and their excretion from the organism could lead to poisoning; laetrile is therefore administered in conjunction with several other agents, including high intravenous doses of vitamin C.

3) You want to prevent metastases:

According to laetrile experts, laetrile can also be taken orally for the prevention of metastases. The suggested doses in this case is up to 3 g per day.

Is there a maximum dose of apricot kernels that should not be exceeded?

Everything has its limit, which should not be exceeded. With clear water, for example, a person can only tolerate a maximum of 10 litres before it becomes poisonous! This also applied to bitter apricot kernels; thus, according to laetrile experts, a quantity of max. 30-35 kernels distributed over the day is recommended to prevent any side effects (maximum 6 per hour!).

The toxicity of laetrile itself, however, is only 3 times that of glucose; see ‘Side effects vitamin B17’.

What is the difference between apricot kernels and B17 tablets or infusions? And what is better for the prevention of cancer and in cases of acute cancer?

The raw form of vitamin B17 is bitter apricot kernels. According to Dr. Krebs, these are more suitable for prevention purposes than tablets, if only because they contain a huge amount of phytochemicals that are also healthy.

If you do not mind the aftertaste (similar to marzipan) of the apricot kernels and you have no problems with chewing, you should use bitter apricot kernels for prevention purposes.

For all other purposes, the tablets are a good alternative for preventive purposes. Infusions are recommended for acute cancer, but should, as already mentioned several times, only take place under the supervision of an experienced physician in the context of a holistic metabolic cancer therapy.

In all cases, supplementing treatment with apricot kernels makes a lot of sense as they have many other nutrients and enzymes that support laetrile and promote good health!

Does vitamin B17 work for every type of cancer?

According to Dr. Krebs, yes! According to him, cancer cells have exactly the same characteristics and would be destroyed in the same way, isolated by laetrile.

But as we said before, it would be irresponsible to rely on laetrile alone! On the other hand, one should holistically tackle a life-threatening disease such as cancer through the described principle of the ‘golden triangle of curing cancer’. (See my cancer book!)


Should you take apricot kernels in any case?

Both Dr. Krebs and Dr. Contreras say ‘yes’. Bitter apricot kernels not only have the isolated active ingredient laetrile (vitamin B17), but also provide many important nutrients and minerals which support recovery or maintain good health. If you are sensitive to the kernels, you should not chew them on an empty stomach!

Can you also take vitamin B17 during chemotherapy or radiation?

Experienced physicians who use metabolic cancer therapy insist that this is not only recommended, but even necessary under the circumstances mentioned.

Can vitamin B17 still help after chemo and radiation have both failed?

According to Dr. Krebs and many other therapists, it can help even if chemotherapy and radiation fail. However, one should not forget that it is not uncommon for chemotherapy and radiation to cause the actual damage which often leads to death. Everybody can benefit for metabolic cancer treatment with laetrile!

How long does it take for the first results to become apparent?

This is a question that depends on the particular viewpoint and includes subjective and objective outcomes. The subjective results, which can occur immediately after the start of therapeutic treatment, include increased well-being, increased appetite, increased energy and a decrease in pain.

Objective results should provide confirmation in the form of blood tests over a few days or weeks (generally better blood counts, decreased tumour markers, etc.).

While skin tumours should respond most quickly and success should be visible within a week, with cervical cancer, it usually takes less than three weeks for the patient to begin to recover, in many cases they will recover completely.

According to Dr. Krebs, 1000 mg of vitamin B17 should be taken orally in tablet form as a maintenance dose to prevent recurrence. Other laetrile experts recommend 1.5-2 g daily!

How should the apricot kernels be kept so they last as long as possible?

Apricot kernels should be stored in a cool and dark place; you can also store them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life (do not use after the expiry date!)


Can the toxic cyanide in vitamin B17 damage healthy cells in addition to the cancer cells?

According to Dr. Krebs and other laetrile researchers, absolutely not!

Laetrile therapy under medical supervision

Several reasons speak in favour of not carrying out laetrile therapy without supervision. In addition, by far the most successful form of laetrile treatment is the intravenous administration of the drug, which is equivalent to natural chemotherapy. According to Dr. Krebs, it takes longer with some types of tumours for vitamin B17 can take effect deep inside the body. This includes bone and brain tumours.

How much vitamin B17 should you take as a maintenance dose after overcoming cancer?

Symptoms of intoxication can be expected during laetrile therapy, when the cancer cells release toxins as they die. In order to achieve the greatest possible therapeutic benefit and not endanger yourself, you should, if possible, consult an experienced laetrile therapist. Unfortunately, since the death of Dr. Nieper, a leader in the field of alternative cancer treatment, who successfully treated people from around the world (including celebrities such as Caroline of Monaco, Ronald Reagan, members of the Kennedy clan, etc.) in Hanover, these have become very rare in Germany.