Silver produces stem cells that allow entire limbs to regrow...!

As mentioned in the preface, combating viruses, bacteria and all other parasites is by no means the only discipline that colloidal silver masters with flying colours – quite the contrary!

Stem cell research is on everyone's lips, whether in connection with emergency and reconstructive surgery, or very advanced techniques of cosmetic surgery (especially in connection with anti-ageing).
Colloidal gold increases intelligence by 20 %
As already described in the introduction and as probably known by most readers already, the nerve cells in the brain communicate via electrical impulses – only through these signals is information sent from one neuron to the next in the brain.
The attentive reader might conclude that regular intake of colloidal gold not only increases the transmission of genetic information many times, but could also have a noticeable positive effect on all body processes that depend on electrical impulses – including the brain power.
That's really how it is! Within a pilot study, participants' IQ score increased by a whopping 20 %, as evidenced by an IQ test that subjects took at the beginning and after 3 months of gold intake.
L-carnosine reduces damage to telomeres and prevents their shortening in cultured fibroblasts. Telomeres form the ends of the chromosomes to which the DNA strands are packed tightly inside the cell. During cell division, the telomeres get shorter and shorter, leading to ageing. The ability to divide is unfortunately not infinite; from a certain telomere length, the cell can no longer divide and dies. The Chinese study describes the effect of L-carnosine on the telomeres of cultured human foetal lung fibroblasts. In this study, L-carnosine delayed replicative senescence and prolonged the lifetime of cultured human fibroblasts. For this purpose, scientists Shao L., Li QH and Tan Z. constantly imbibed the fibroblasts in 20 ml carnosine, which resulted in distinctly slowed telomere shortening and a prolonged life span within cell division. Furthermore, there was less DNA damage.
In order to adequately describe the effect of L-carnitine on our body, it is necessary to differentiate between general and special effects. It is also advisable to examine the effect on the respective organs and organ systems, even before analysing the individual effect on different symptoms.
Since the immune system plays a crucial role in all diseases, it should be kept strong for life. Use should therefore be continuous in case of immune deficiency – drink 3 cups of lapacho tea a day.
Vitamin B17, also called laetrile or amygdalin, is referred to by alternative cancer physicians and laetrile researchers as a ‘natural chemotherapeutic’ found in more than 1,200 plants. Bitter apricot kernels, however, have the largest deposits; furthermore, laetrile can be found in apples, plums and peaches.
Effect of kombucha according to doctor and therapists statements

The kombucha tea fungus is enjoying a veritable renaissance; a large proportion of the records of doctors and therapists come from the first half of the last century. Most of the quotes below come from the book of Kombucha expert Günther W. Frank ‘Kombucha – Mythos, Wahrheit, Faszination’ (‘Kombucha – Myth, Truth, Fascination’), which can be ordered via its website
The effect of green tea on our health

The above-mentioned active ingredients trigger very effective healing mechanisms, which combat countless illnesses preventively and therapeutically.
Effect of kombucha on diseases
It is far from easy to spell out the effects of a substance or natural remedy that appears to be as broad-based as kombucha tea fungus and is also based on countless statements by many therapists and patients across many eras, cultures and continents.
The question of the effect of kombucha should therefore first be divided into effects of a general nature, organ-specific effects and, lastly, effects on certain diseases, and we should then attempt to answer each of these in turn.
Effect of colloidal silver

The effect of colloidal silver is based on two factors: first, the previously mentioned Brownian movement, whose electrical negative polarisation interferes with the respiratory chain of the pathogens and causes their suffocation, its application also strengthens our immune system, which in turn can fight pathogens better.
Gold denied official recognition

At this point, you may ask the perfectly legitimate question of how colloidal gold is not known to the average person or to their doctors, given these phenomenal benefits to human health?

The answer is, first of all, because gold is neither approved as a remedy nor as a nutritional supplement!
Active ingredients and effects

Before we turn to the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of green tea in individual diseases in detail, we should first look at the active ingredients in green tea.
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