Colloidal gold - how healthy is it ?

Gold denied official recognition

At this point, you may ask the perfectly legitimate question of how colloidal gold is not known to the average person or to their doctors, given these phenomenal benefits to human health?

The answer is, first of all, because gold is neither approved as a remedy nor as a nutritional supplement!


Several factors explain this:

·      The costly and expensive production of colloidal gold and the required, expensive drug approval studies would require patent protection for the pharmaceutical industry to profit from it.

·      But gold is a natural product, and natural products cannot be patented.

·      Gold competes too much with countless medications to which it is far superior in terms of its lack of side effects!


Furthermore, research into bioactive metal ions is still in its infancy and is currently barely within the reach of nutrition science – the depressing principle is always:

‘We reject even proven effects if we do not understand them!’

What this means is explained by the chemist Noack as follows[1]:

What is considered nutritional is not even reconciled with basic biochemical knowledge, so recommendations made by nutritionists very often contradict fundamental biochemical principles.

Ecotrophology assumes that 80 % of the elements contained in our body are unnecessary, i.e. nonessential or even accidental (coincidental).

Thus, irrationally, 80 % of the elements in our body would be present in our body anyway and do not matter. And because the ecotrophologists see the world in black and white, the politicians take this division as an opportunity and these recommendations become a basis for their prohibitions. That is, all elements which ecotrophologists classify as ‘accidental’ may neither be fertilised nor supplemented. As a result, 80 % of these elements found in our bodies are gradually lost or depleted. These elements also include gold, which, for the above reasons, may only be sold as experimental water in the EU, whereas in the USA, all these beneficial trace elements of metallic origin (gold, silver, platinum...) may be purchased freely.



Specific effect of colloidal gold

After examining the general effect of colloidal gold, let's take a look at the specific effects of colloidal gold on diseases and conditions. Because colloidal gold acts holistically on our body like almost no other substance, it is of course impossible to list all the diseases and conditions that colloidal gold has a positive effect on.

Among other things, colloidal gold is used both traditionally and within modern medicine against the following ailments: Arthritis, asthma, anxiety, obesity, joint diseases, rheumatism, addictions (nicotine, drugs), depression, low energy, chronic fatigue, burns, skin diseases (irritations, neurodermatitis), hot flashes (menopause), cancer, mood swings, cardiovascular problems, night sweats, digestive problems, nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s, dementia, all glandular diseases, coordination problems, sleep disorders, allergies, HIV and many more.

Effect of colloidal gold against allergies

Modern research has been able to confirm that colloidal gold is effective against allergies. We owe very convincing findings in this context to Guy Abraham, who observed a significant decrease in the allergenic immunoglobulin E (IgE) while taking colloidal gold.

About 90 % of all allergies are IgE allergies that belong to Type I. These include hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, food allergy, Quincke's oedema (hives), etc.[2]

Effect of gold colloids against cancer

Alongside stem cell research, nanomedicine has been ringing in a new medical age for a few years, with numerous promising treatment approaches, even for diseases that conventional medicine has given up the fight against.

Cancer remains the greatest scourge on modern humanity, and unfortunately it is on the rise.

If the cancer development thesis, as propagated by conventional medicine, is given preference, then colloidal gold is the best way to prevent the onset of cancer.

This assumes, in fact, that the malignant tumour arises during cell division, namely, if within our genome, the DNA, information from damaged genes is passed on to the daughter cell.  Based on communication which improved by a factor of up to 10,000 in studies, the damage would probably be recognised and corrected at this point and cancer would be prevented.

Both conventional medicine and alternative medicine agree at least that cancer is promoted by environmental toxins and free radicals play a cancer-promoting role in all stages of cancer. The detoxifying and highly antioxidant effect of colloidal gold counteracts these unfavourable parameters.

The demonstrable positive effect of colloidal gold on the immune system is further correlated with the successful use of gold colloids in cancer therapy.

The US surgeon Edward H. Ochsner reported as early as 1935 in his article ‘Colloidal gold in inoperable cancer‘ that the administration of colloidal gold causes cancer cells to stop growing. More than that, the cancer pain subsides and the appetite returns – so colloidal gold not only counteracts cancer growth, but also cancer pain and cancer cachexia.[3] Therefore, it is not surprising that there are over 1,300 studies on cancer and colloidal gold in the largest medical study archive ( in the English language alone!


Gold helps with cardiovascular problems

Every single heartbeat is controlled by electrical stimulation. The contraction of the heart muscle is initiated via the conduction system of the sinus node. By optimising intracellular communication, gold, as one of the world's best conductors, counteracts cardiac arrhythmias.

Ageing prophylaxis and rejuvenation with colloidal gold

The effect of colloidal gold can be attributed to both the exciting category of ageing prophylaxis (retardation of biological ageing) and the far more fascinating category of reverse ageing (biological rejuvenation)!

All aspects of ageing prophylaxis, as well as biological rejuvenation, begin at the cellular level. Only if we succeed in protecting our 37,2 trillion cells from further destruction will we successfully achieve anti-ageing effects. On the other hand, biological rejuvenation requires that we actively carry out cell renewal.

The former (anti-ageing) is a lot easier to implement, this is already relatively easy to achieve with a healthy diet, some potent antioxidants and two weekly training sessions in the fresh air. The prime discipline is and remains reverse ageing, which is not just the delay of ageing processes, but even the active reversal of ageing!

As we have seen above, colloidal gold acts as a very effective radical scavenger and counteracts glycation and inflammatory processes in the body.  This would already be sufficient for colloidal gold to be classified as a highly potent anti-ageing agent. Colloidal gold goes much further...:

The DNA (our genome), together with the RNA, controls all body processes at the cellular level. The vital repair of cell damage occurring daily within the cell metabolism is one of these processes. By improving the information flow of our DNA (genetic material) by up to 10,000 times, colloidal gold supports the repair of our 37,2 trillion cells, resulting in highly active reverse ageing, i.e. the reversal of biological ageing. This rejuvenation process is directly supported by the rejuvenation of the entire endocrine system already described.


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