AIDS: effect is still being researched, internal intake recommended
Allergies: often caused by fungi, internal intake
Amoebic dysentery: continue to take even after the symptoms have resolved, internal intake
Angina or tonsillitis: internal intake and gargling with 10 drops per 200 ml
Arthritis/joint inflammation: internal intake for several months often helpful
Asthma: in some cases, internal intake helps, 1-3 months of use
Stomach pain: often, internal intake helps
Flatulence: often caused by germs, fungi or parasites, internal intake
Cystitis/bladder problems: internal intake
Bronchitis: internal intake and gargling with 10 drops per 200 ml
Effect against arthritis
The anti-inflammatory effect of pomegranate works to alleviate symptoms such as arthritis. In this way, pomegranate protects the destruction of cartilage cells by arthritis. Here, polyphenols have an anti-inflammatory effect on the eicosanoid metabolism.
Effect against atherosclerosis
According to a long-term study, pomegranate juice can stop the development of atherosclerosis (deposits in blood vessels) and even reverse them by up to 30 % (see ‘Studies’ section).
Studies on gotu kola
Gotu kola shows an 80 % success rate in the prevention and treatment of cellulitis
Gotu kola has had sensational success in the prevention and treatment of cellulitis.
Studies show gotu kola has a 70 to 90 % success rate in treating phlebitis
In several studies, gotu kola has achieved a success rate of between 70 and 90 %. A study on 125 patients with phlebitis and brittle capillaries achieved a 90 % success rate using gotu kola, as published by the Gazette Medicale de France in 1971.
Gotu kola has positive effects on memory
Gotu kola has shown a positive effect on the memory in studies.
Expert opinions:
Since glucosamine and chondroitin are extremely controversial dietary supplements, we will allow a few experts to give their opinion first before discussing the positive effects of these two vital substances on our joints in more detail and examining the available studies, in order to reassure you at this juncture that the further study of these two highly effective, natural joint nutrients is worthy of your time:
Special effect on diseases and maladies
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the seeds, leaves and roots of ginkgo biloba, which are processed and absorbed in different ways, usually in the form of ginkgo tea.
Within Western naturopathy, ginkgo is mostly used in concentrates in the form of ginkgo extracts, wrapped in a capsule, as a compact or in drop form.
Pineapple/bromelain and the immune-strengthening effect
In a similar way to papaya, pineapple's stimulating and regulating effect on our immune system is multifactorial and takes place on the following basis: