Colloidal gold increases intelligence by 20 %
As already described in the introduction and as probably known by most readers already, the nerve cells in the brain communicate via electrical impulses – only through these signals is information sent from one neuron to the next in the brain.
The attentive reader might conclude that regular intake of colloidal gold not only increases the transmission of genetic information many times, but could also have a noticeable positive effect on all body processes that depend on electrical impulses – including the brain power.
That's really how it is! Within a pilot study, participants' IQ score increased by a whopping 20 %, as evidenced by an IQ test that subjects took at the beginning and after 3 months of gold intake.
Gold denied official recognition

At this point, you may ask the perfectly legitimate question of how colloidal gold is not known to the average person or to their doctors, given these phenomenal benefits to human health?

The answer is, first of all, because gold is neither approved as a remedy nor as a nutritional supplement!