MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement and how it works...

If one believes the author of the book 'MMS: The Breakthrough', Jim Humble, who is also the person who has made MMS popular (MMS was first used by Dr. William Koch in 1926 and has been in use in the USA since the 1930s), then this 'miraculous' remedy has already cured over 75,000 people suffering from deadly diseases such as malaria, AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, herpes or tuberculosis.

The vast majority of Humble’s experience with the mineral MMS was in Africa and Mexico, since MMS is not approved in the US or in Europe and certain powers seem to be keen for this to remain the case. According to Humble, the government of Malawi in South East Africa is said to have carried out tests with MMS with a cure rate of 99 %. Over 90 % of all treated patients recovered within a maximum of eight hours, and 60 % of AIDS patients treated in Uganda were symptom-free within three days, 98 % within one month. If his claims are confirmed, the ambitious name for the 'miraculous supplement' is quite justified – and there are many indications that support this. Read more in the following sections. But first to the protagonist – MMS, what are we talking about?

Miracle Mineral Supplement – what is it?

It will surely astonish you to read that the main ingredient of this miraculous Miracle Mineral Supplement is something you have been actively or passively confronted with countless times in your lifetime: CHLORINE DIOXIDE with the chemical formula (ClO2).

We know chlorine dioxide from countless applications to disinfect water, it is used as a bacterial sanitiser in the food industry and is also used in the US as a disinfectant for chicken, beef and other meats.

More specifically, MMS consists of 28 % sodium chlorite powder dissolved in distilled water. The sodium chlorite powder consists of 80 % sodium chlorite and 19 % sodium chloride, which we also know as 'common salt'. The remaining 1 % consists of various other sodium chemicals that have been classified as non-toxic. The actual amount of sodium chlorite in the finished preparation is thus 22.4 %. Since the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is neither an officially approved drug nor a dietary supplement, and all recommendations so far are based on observations from practice and not on the basis of regular studies, it must be stressed at this point that any use of MMS is at your own risk and all instructions and tips are for information purposes only!

Nevertheless, MMS can be easily obtained on the Internet in exactly the form described by Jim Humble, even though it is not formally declared for use by the human organism for the reasons given above.

Nonetheless, the right to information and free speech is undoubtedly one of the fundamental rights of every person living in a democracy – Jim Humble's book 'MMS: The Breakthrough' contains a number of letters and acknowledgements, including the addressee and contact address, which confirm the therapeutic success of MMS.

In the remainder of this section, you will find an extremely interesting statement on this topic by a renowned physician. A lot of evidence, albeit not officially recognised evidence, that speaks for the effectiveness of MMS, and the freedom to information and the ability to form your own opinion, should not be missed!

The entire Codex Humanus has dedicated itself to the purpose of disseminating this information, which is probably of interest to everyone. You can decide for yourself if and how you want to use it!

The discovery of the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)

Convinced by his friend to seek gold in the jungles of South America, the 67-year-old Jim Humble packed all the essentials and did not forget the thing that most important for him:

stabilised oxygen!

Humble had learned from various sources that stabilised oxygen (technical term 'sodium chlorite' with the chemical formula NaClO2, not to be confused with sodium chloride) disinfects water – a property that can play a vital role, especially in the jungle where drinking water is contaminated with typhoid bacteria and other harmful parasites.

Experimental by his very nature, Jim Humble checked his friends' statements at home by adding stabilised oxygen to wastewater and sending a sample to a test lab.

The result of the laboratory analysis was: 'germ-free'!

With the certainty of being able to disinfect his drinking water with stabilised oxygen at any time when needed, he embarked on the expedition to South America.

Having arrived in the deepest Guyanese jungle, the area, contaminated by malaria, took its first victim among the companions of Jim Humble. With no medicines and being far away from civilisation, the life of two comrades was in acute danger. The two men were getting worse and worse and had nothing to lose except their lives, so they immediately agreed to try Humble's potion.

Humble administered both patients stabilised oxygen with some water. Within an hour, their chills stopped, and four hours later, the two were so well that they were even telling jokes and were able to join the other men on the expedition for dinner.

During the extended expedition, Humble’s team travelled countless miles through Guyana. Humble did what one would expect of a good person, trying to cure malaria-infected and typhoid-affected locals with his stabilised oxygen.

For a long time, he could not cure every case with the mixture, but an impressive cure rate of 70 % made it the subject of discussion for thousands of miles, this rate exceeded the success rate of common malaria medicines.

Surprised by the success of what he called his 'health potion', Jim Humble told his friend Bob Tate on the phone about its healing effects on malaria. Both then decided to sell the potion in Guyana.

Some promotion via an ad in the local newspaper was intended to facilitate the launch. What the two of them did not expect at all was the response, which, among other things, included a television station sending reporters to the camp to interview Jim Humble about his 'miracle cure for malaria' A radio and a newspaper reporter then followed.

It would only take a few days for Humble and his crew to be summoned by the Guyana Ministry of Health for an interrogation, which was followed by a ban on the sale of the potion under penalty of imprisonment. Knowing that the authorities would not follow him, Humble first delved into the deepest jungle and spent a few months exploring the gold mine he had discovered. He stayed there for half a year, and when the city had forgotten about the whole affair, he ventured to come back to freely take the next possible plane to the US.

What happened next 

In the US, he continued to experiment with his stabilised oxygen; it was not until later that he found out that it was sodium chlorite. What he lacked, however, was clear evidence that his remedy was actually fighting malaria. He was to receive the opportunity to become his own guinea pig at this point, a little sooner than he might have wished for! Jim Humble landed in Guyana again for further gold exploration and promptly contracted malaria. Instead of being treated with the usual malaria tablets, he pushed it to extremes and was first transported to a hospital and had his blood taken.

The finding clearly confirmed the diagnosis of 'malaria', and, even at this stage, Humble renounced the usual medication; instead he administered his own mixture! And in testing it on himself, Humble confirmed the effect of Miracle Mineral Supplement. Only a few hours later, he felt much better: he had another blood sample taken to record the change in black and white. There were no signs of malaria in the blood, and Jim Humble was now clear; his mixture definitely cured malaria!

Further tests of MMS followed via the internet

Humble got to know a man in Tanzania on the internet. Humble was able to persuade this person to treat some malaria-infected locals with his stabilised oxygen. As it turned out, Humble's mixture was quite successful in curing malaria, but not in all patients; a riddle that Humble wanted to solve!

Research and own tests improve the mixture

The search for the secret of why stabilised oxygen completely cured malaria in some people and not in others led Humble to the libraries and he performed research. He found out that his stabilised oxygen (sodium chlorite) had already been used in this form in 1926 on mentally ill children by a Dr. William Koch in Germany and reached the United States in 1930, where it was used by many other therapists or, mostly without specification of ingredients, was sold as a kind of 'miracle cure'. Eventually, he realised that the stabilised oxygen was by no means the oxygen available to man in the form of oxygen that is typically useful, but that it was an oxygen ion with the charge -2, a form that is no more useful to the body than the oxygen exhaled by us in the form of carbon dioxide. Obviously, it was not the oxygen that killed the malaria pathogens – but what else was it?

Humble was also able to find out that the active ingredient in the water gradually decomposed. Humble realised that the pH of the mixture had to be low; so he added 1 teaspoon of acetic acid, which is known to lower the pH, to 20 drops of the mixture. To allow the drug to completely decompose, he allowed the sample to stand for 24 hours. The subsequent odour test revealed a strong chlorine odour and confirmed to Humble that he was well on track.

On the internet, he managed to convince the doctors he had befriended in Tanzania to try out his new mixture on their malaria patients. The result was amazing and pleasing:

His new formula resulted in a 100 % cure rate!

An infinite number of further tests followed, which were accompanied by more or less great successes. With no water – just 20 drops of stabilised oxygen and ¼ teaspoon of vinegar – the mix seemed even better, but most importantly, the wait of two hours was reduced to just three minutes, which was impressively demonstrated by a test with a chlorine test strip. Without water, the mixture was barely tolerable in terms of taste – children in particular were afraid of it. So Humble experimented with different juices to conceal the taste of chlorine in his mixture, which takes getting used to; but it was crucial that these did not affect the chlorine content. Simple apple juice without added vitamin C proved to be optimal (vitamin C would have a disruptive effect as an antioxidant).

The mode of action of Miracle Mineral Supplement

Before we explain the effect of MMS on different diseases in detail, it is first of all of interest to explore its general mode of action. If sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is mixed with an acid (e.g. vinegar, lemon or lime juice) chlorine dioxide (ClO2 dioxychloride), a biocide, is produced which interferes with the metabolism of viruses and the transport of nutrients through the cell walls.

Chlorine dioxide robs the viruses and toxins of five of their electrons via oxidation, an oxidation process that leads to the death and subsequent disintegration of viruses or toxins.

According to Humble, chlorine dioxide is the 'most efficient killer' of all viruses, bacteria, moulds, yeasts and other parasites. It is therefore no coincidence that it has been used successfully in hospitals and in the food industry for sterilisation for more than 100 years. There is probably no other chemical or medical substance that has a comparable effect; in combination with sodium chlorite and vinegar, these same forces are released in our body to eliminate unwanted microorganisms.

The chlorine dioxide molecule (ClO2) also breaks down through this reaction and releases oxygen. The oxygen (O2) combines either with the hydrogen (H2) to form water (H2O) or with carbon (C) to form carbon dioxide (CO2). The charge of the chlorine ion is now neutral and enters into a connection with sodium, i.e. common table salt (NaCl).

From a previously very aggressive oxidation molecule, therefore, three harmless substances are formed via chemical reactions that take place in our body. As these basic substances are produced, harmful parasites die off during this process.

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