Colloidal Silver - The miracle of modern medicine

Colloidal silver is one of the most effective killers of bacteria. Colloidal silver turns out to be a miracle of modern medicine. A conventional antibiotic may eliminate a dozen different pathogens, but colloidal silver kills about 650!’

Science Digest, March 1978


Consumer Reports study of raw chicken breast samples from around the country found that most of them had some bacterial contamination and a good many had pathogenic varieties such as Campylobacter or Salmonella, the magazine reported yesterday.

Enterococcus species and Escherichia coli, which are part of the normal bacteria population in the human gut but may also indicate fecal contamination, were found on most of the 316 samples tested, the magazine said. Campylobacter and Salmonella were found on 43% and 10.8% of the samples, respectively.

In addition, almost half of the samples (49.7%) tested positive for at least one type of multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria (resistant to three or more antibiotics).[1]


In times when new viral epidemics, ranging from bird flu to swine flu to Ebola, are increasingly a cause for concern, and foods infested with antibiotics are causing appalling antibiotic resistance in humans, effective alternatives are becoming increasingly important – because they could be life-saving in the future!


The man who discovered penicillin (antibiotic), Alexander Fleming, already warned:


Microbes can be made resistant to penicillin in the lab when exposed to concentrations that are insufficient to kill them. There is a danger that ignorant people may administer too low a dose and make the microbes resistant because they have exposed them to non-lethal amounts’.


The ‘ignorant’ here are not us, but our doctors, who prescribe antibiotics almost indiscriminately, and the food industry, which is still allowed to contaminate meat with antibiotics, and increasingly does so. Becoming a vegetarian is no longer a solution, because antibiotics are also found in our drinking water – meaning that pathogens are made passively resistant, we pay with our health and in the worst case, our lives...!


Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens are on the rise, and many researchers warn of serious epidemics in the near future.

All of this, while, at the same time, the strongest weapons of conventional medicine (antibiotics) fail – we can only protect ourselves through our knowledge; at this point, it is the responsibility of every single citizen to stand for proven (and far more efficient) natural alternatives against which pathogens cannot be immunised, in order to protect themselves and their families!


Colloidal silver, as well as MMS, grapefruit seed extract and other substances that we discuss in detail in the ‘Codex Humanus’, are among these extremely effective alternatives to antibiotics – unfortunately, conventional medicine and Big Pharma have put a great deal of emphasis on erasing these traditionally used protective substances from the memory of modern humanity for their own material gain. Specifically, war was declared on these substances at the same time that penicillin was patented!

Colloidal silver is a highly efficient, inexpensive and usually side-effect-free treatment against all parasites, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, streptococci , staphylococci and other pathogenic organisms.


Colloidal silver can kill as many as 650 pathogens in a record time of six minutes, and if that's not enough, it also supports our immune system in its work.


These are phenomenal facts that are becoming more and more known. Thus, colloidal silver enjoys a steadily growing fan base, which regularly appreciates its antibacterial and antiviral effect...


Far more unknown, however, is another, no less fascinating, effect of colloidal silver, which makes colloidal silver, together with its antibacterial effect, a downright sensational all-rounder:


According to Dr. Robert O. Becker, a well-known biomedical scientist at Syracuse University (USA), silver not only destroys hostile life forms, but also supports the regeneration of vital tissue. And in this case, ‘new formation’ requires an almost new definition, even for modern medicine’s level of stem cell research – read more about why...

What exactly is colloidal silver?

Before we come to the properties of silver as the second word within the compound term ‘colloidal silver’, we first turn to the first word, ‘colloidal’. A colloid is the second-smallest unit of matter, directly after the atom. It is also the smallest possible form into which matter (body, material) can be decomposed without losing its original properties.

In this microscopically small yet fully functional form, silver is able to penetrate into the most remote cells of our bodies to achieve the desired effect; the elimination of all body damaging parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Another advantage of this extreme comminution is that it increases the overall surface area of ​​the silver particles many times, which in turn means that much of the surface of the inside of the body can be covered with it.

This explains the term ‘colloidal’.

But what about silver?





Effect of colloidal silver

The exact mechanisms of action of colloidal silver have not yet been definitively clarified. A magnetic field of the silver atom group is believed to form around the silver particles and cause their amazing effect.

In colloidal silver water, the so-called ‘Brownian motion’, i.e. a collective magnetic field is generated, the electrical negative polarisation of which has a disruptive effect on pathogens.

This negative polarisation destroys enzymes that are responsible for oxygen production in unicellular pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Because the respiratory chain of these parasites is broken, they suffocate within a few minutes.

Furthermore, the use of colloidal silver clearly benefits our immune system, which in turn can effectively fight against pathogens.

The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects of colloidal silver have been known for millennia. In the 19th century, it was used as a standard treatment and its effect has recently been officially confirmed at the University of Los Angeles Medical School.