Royal jelly – the precious liquid that makes kings of workers

How would you like to obtain the pleasure of a liquid that has not only secured the survival of bees for millions of years but is also solely responsible for whether a bee will spend its entire life as a small worker bee or whether it will grow physically into a large, long-lived queen bee in possession of incredible energy in order to spend its life bringing offspring into the world?

Royal jelly is another gift of ‘Mother’ Nature which you should definitely pay attention to as a health-conscious person!

What exactly is royal jelly and what can it do for our health?

Royal jelly is very special juice with a thick, sticky consistency, produced by bees.

One might immediately think of honey here, but the first part of the name ‘royal jelly’ already suggests the unique and, yes, ‘royal’ significance of this juice, which is far superior to honey in terms of its impact on our health!


Creation of royal jelly

At an age of between four and twelve days, the bees secrete royal jelly from their hypopharyngeal and maxillary glands, which will serve as nutrition for the developing bees in the first larval stages.

Exclusively the juice of these young bees (so-called ‘nurse bees’), it is used between the fourth and twelfth days. This makes a great deal of sense, as these young juice providers are themselves in possession of correspondingly young cells, in order to produce as high quality of a royal jelly as possible.

In contrast to honey, which, together with pollen, serves as food for all bees, this very special juice is afterwards reserved for a single, predestined bee in the hive: namely, the still-to-be-crowned queen!

The worker bees then raise the young queen with royal jelly.

Every bee in the hive intuitively knows the value of the royal jelly, an elixir that seeks out its own kind and admits of comparison with colostrum, the first milk of mammals, which is also only available for a few days to mammals and which has untold potential for our health!




Extraction of royal jelly

The extraction of royal jelly presents a real technical challenge, which is why royal jelly is exclusively extracted in large, specialised apiaries.

To achieve this, the queen cells are placed into the beehive while the queen itself is removed.

On this website, you will learn everything worth knowing about this special elixir, which is also—in contrast to young growing bees—is also (still) available to you. Let us prevent the bees from dying off, otherwise humans, too, will very soon be robbed of this very special liquid...!

Ingredients and active ingredients of royal jelly

A detailed look at the effects will follow shortly, but let us first take a closer look at the ingredients of royal jelly, which, after all, are the cause of their effect.

Which ingredients are these exactly?

Royal jelly is composed of 66 % water, and the remaining 34 % is dry mass. The dry mass in turn consists of 12 % protein, 12 % carbohydrates (simple sugar), 4 % fats and 72 % minerals. 



Among the abundant vitamins in royal jelly are especially the B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, and B4), Vitamin C, E, folic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin.


Royal jelly also contains numerous minerals and trace elements, which are examined in more detail in the literature. With this, we come to another phenomenon, namely the numerous highly active substances that are contained in royal jelly, which cannot, to this day, be demonstrated by the customary analysis methods!


Choline is an essential (necessary for life) vital substance which was discovered by the German chemist Adolph Friedrich Ludwig Strecker in 1864 and acquired its ‘essential’ status in 1998. An especially important choline, which is found in royal jelly, is acetylcholine. This functions in our body as a neurotransmitter in our nervous system which plays a part in the transmission of arousal in the brain as well as in the vegetative nervous system.


Unidentified, unique substances 

We humans must without doubt come to terms with the fact that there are things between heaven and earth that cause astonishing things to happen without us ever being able to understand them. We are also a long way away from identifying all existing vital substances—and we will probably never be able to achieve this work of art, as Mother Nature never reveals herself fully to us...

Researchers, for example, claim that the apple alone contains over 10,000 vital substances—yet we have only identified a few...

And so a certain mysticism developed around royal jelly, the most important ingredients of which have not yet been identified. These are primarily highly complex, hormone-like connections to which effects may be ascribed ranging from strengthening the immune system to increasing base metabolism to inhibiting ageing. Royal jelly also is also the only known source of a very particular fatty acid named 10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid.


Effects of royal jelly

Mechanism and effects of royal jelly

The exact mechanism of royal jelly has to date not been fully deciphered due to the ingredients in it which have not fully identified but are de facto highly active. Researchers assume that it is exactly these still unidentified, hormone-like substances that mobilise the self-healing powers of the body, strengthen our organism and defend against disease-causing influences.

Practice doubtless trumps theory in every case. The fact is thus very convincing that it is only royal jelly that allows an average larva to become a queen, which is far larger, stronger, healthier, long-living and powerful than her peers!

In healthy people, royal jelly should generally increase vitality, appetite and physical as well as intellectual power.

How effective royal jelly can potentially be for sufferers of illness is shown by reports from physicians’ everyday practice. For example, Prof. Bengsch was able, with a high dose of 50g over two days (the normal dose is around 1-2g/day), to save the life of a patient suffering from meningitis and already given up on by his colleagues. ‘True miracles’ are, according to Dr. med. Stefan Stangaciu, attributable to royal jelly, particularly with diet-related deficiency symptoms, illnesses in the genital region, and infectious diseases. 

General effects of royal jelly

Let us first look at the general effects of royal jelly before we turn to the specific effects against numerous illness and disorders.

Royal jelly has the following general effects:

       strengthens the immune system

       counteracts effects of ageing (anti-ageing)

       provides energy/toning

       blood pressure regulating,




       regulates cholesterol


       increases potency

       regulates hormones

       stimulates synthesis of collagen



Special effects of royal jelly on diseases and disorders

Royal jelly is exceptionally effective and helpful for the following illnesses:

       diet-dependent deficiencies

       neurological illnesses




       Premature ageing




       Infectious diseases

       Breathing problems



       Asthenia (weakness)



       Male infertility (sperm mobility)

       Diseases in the genital area


       Rheumatic arthritis

       Chronic lung illnesses

       Larynx pain

       Throat pain

       Stomach bleeding

       Complaints during menopause

       Hormone deficiency

       Anorexia (lack of appetite)


       Arterial hypotension (low blood pressure)

       Hypertension (high blood pressure)




       Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries),

       Xeroderma (abnormally dry skin)


       Mild depression

       Liver problems

       Gall bladder problems

       Shaking palsy

       Heart muscle weakness


       Respiratory inflammation


       Skin damage

       Weight loss

       Atopical dermatitis

       Macular degeneration





       Bile duct disorders


       Thorax pain

       Virus-dependent liver inflammation