MMS in combination with dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO)

In order to maximise the uptake of MMS in life-threatening diseases, Humble recommends combining MMS with DMSO. DMSO acts as a carrier and transports the MMS via the skin into the blood. DMSO is a common carrier which has been frequently used by doctors since 1955 to deliver medication through the skin into the body.

Humble relies on experience and various tests designed to prove that DMSO can reach into any region in the body and can invade the cancer cell. The theory is that the MMS mixed with DMSO transports the MMS into the cancer cells, thus enabling a better penetration of the cancer cells. The dimethyl sulphoxide thus helps to transport the MMS into the cancer cell, where it then destroys the cancer cell from the inside. Administration via the skin should be in combination with oral administration as described above. To do this, proceed as follows:

-       Make an MMS dose (as described above) with 10 drops of MMS +.

-       Add 1 teaspoon of DMSO, swirl the jar for 15 sec.

-       Immediately rub the mixture on your arm, leg or stomach (must be done immediately!).

-       Repeat this procedure every hour or three times a day (on a different part of the body each time), then pause for four days, then repeat.

-       If the affected area burns, massage in 1 teaspoon of water and apply aloe vera or olive oil after application.

-       MMS is also taken orally throughout the entire period (including the four-day break!).

Intravenous use of MMS

In many cases, intravenous administration of MMS has been more successful than oral administration. Of course, intravenous use is exclusively a matter for physicians or knowledgeable therapists. For the first day, Humble recommends 1 drop of NON-activated MMS to 500 ml saline or glucose solution. Now wait one hour before inserting the drip. This should then be completed within two to four hours. On the second day, you should increase the dose to 2 drops and on the third day to 6-8 drops. From there you should increase daily by 4-8 drops until you reach 22 drops.

External use of MMS

MMS can also be applied externally; Humble recommends spray bottles.

       Application: 20 drops of MMS with 100 drops of 10 % citric acid solution. Wait three minutes and then pour everything together with 50 ml of water into a 50 ml spray bottle (available at any pharmacy). The resulting mixture can be used for four days before it loses its effect.

What can be done to counteract the taste of MMS, which takes getting used to?

Many people have a problem getting used to the taste of MMS. Quite a few people develop a veritable aversion during use, and just the thought of MMS brings them close to the limit of keeping their food down. Jim Humble reveals a 5-step strategy for using fruit juice to override the taste as much as possible:

Step 1:

Fill half of the glass into which the MMS solution is to be produced with juice. The juice should contain no vitamin C, as this reduces the effect of MMS. This is followed by 2 teaspoons of the 10 % citric acid solution.

Step 2:

Add another glass of ¼ of the same juice. This should solely be used for rinsing.

Step 3:

In the third and final glass, you prepare the MMS solution. As usual, 5 drops of citric acid solution are added per drop of MMS, followed by three minutes of waiting. Next, add half the glass of juice from step 1.

Step 4:

If you also want to conceal the taste, you can put a piece of confectionery (e.g. lemon or caramel confectionery) into your mouth even before drinking the MMS liquid.

Step 5:

The last and decisive step: Drink half the glass with MMS quickly without breathing and the drink the glass of juice without MMS immediately afterwards. Again, you should drink as much as possible without having to breathe in between. This is important because breathing oxidises the MMS in the mouth and reveals the taste.

Side effects of MMS

Is MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) only dangerous to harmful organisms?

At this point, it is important to emphasise once again that MMS is neither approved as a medicine nor as a dietary supplement and that the application is solely at one's own risk!

According to Jim Humble, the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is harmless to humans when used properly. This is explained by the fact that MMS only attacks and destroys microbes with a pH value of <7. Human blood has an acid value (pH value) of 7.35-7.45, which means that humans are protected.

Chlorine dioxide has been used around the world for over 70 years to kill germs and pathogens in water purification systems without harming benign bacteria. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidising agent in the truest sense that remains stable for only two hours until it breaks down into chloride (table salt).

However, one dose of MMS continuously releases chlorine dioxide ions over twelve hours; in other words − MMS develops its effect in the organism over twelve hours; it does not leave anything that would lead to side effects.

The side effects, which occur very frequently directly after drinking, include nausea. Some people have to vomit; however, according to Humble, this happens only once.

Jim Humble describes this as a positive indication that MMS works by explaining these side effects with the Herxheimer reaction. This refers to a situation where vast amounts of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites die suddenly, releasing toxic substances.

The reduction of the dose has been found to be a remedy, but a glass of cold water has proven itself as an immediate remedy. If this does not help, you should dissolve 1-5 g of vitamin C in water and drink it. Alternatively, Jim Humble recommends soda or an Alka-Seltzer tablet dissolved in a glass of water. Humble attributes a protective mechanism to the body: vomiting. He is convinced that even a very high dose could not do any serious harm, because you would simply vomit beforehand. He also states that overdosing may result in hospitalisation but death will not occur under any circumstances.

In case of overdose, drink plenty of water (at least 5 glasses) at once, optimally with vitamin C (5-6 g) dissolved in it, even if you vomit. The vomit flushes the MMS out of the body again.

Humble thinks an overdose would be so high that 50 drops of MMS would not cause one. But there are many people who would take 100 drops a day, even if Humble personally advised against it.[1]



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