Gotu kola counteracts the most diseases and conditions


How does gotu kola work, and what does it work against?

In the Shennong Herbal, the oldest Chinese herbal advisor, gotu kola is mentioned as far back as 2,000 years ago. In Ayurvedic medicine, gotu kola is considered a ‘spiritual herb’ and used when one wants to revitalise nerve and brain cells. Traditional Chinese Medicine assumes that gotu kola promotes the development of the crown chakra, the energy centre at the top of the head. Used in China and India for thousands of years, gotu kola is also enjoying increasing popularity in our latitudes.


General effect of gotu kola

The general effect of gotu kola can be described as follows:

-                   it stimulates the immune system,

-                   strengthens the cardiovascular system,

-                   relaxes and regenerates the blood vessels,

-                   renews the blood cells,

-                   has an antioxidant effect,

-                   rejuvenates,

-                   is anti-inflammatory,

-                   detoxifying,

-                   diuretic and dehydrating,

-                   antipyretic,

-                   promotes wound healing,

-                   counteracts stress,

-                   promotes memory,

-                   has an antifungal effect (against fungus production),

-                   is antibiotic

-                   and cytostatic.

Specific effects of gotu kola on diseases and conditions

The very broad general effects described above already suggest that it can counteract many diseases and conditions.

Gotu kola can be used both inside and outside the body for:

-                   cardiovascular disease

-                   vascular disease / venous disease

-                   phlebitis

-                   atherosclerosis

-                   high blood pressure

-                   asthma

-                   gastrointestinal disease

-                   gastrointestinal ulcers, stress-related

-                   rheumatism (e.g. arthritis )

-                   immune diseases

-                   varicose veins

-                   chronic skin diseases

-                   dermatitis

-                   psoriasis

-                   eczema

-                   leprosy

-                   arthrosis

-                   arthritis

-                   lupus

-                   diarrhoea

-                   malaria

-                   senility / memory impairment

-                   Alzheimer’s

-                   ulcers

-                   liver disease

-                   herpes

-                   insomnia

-                   STDs

-                   dysuria

-                   skin tightening

-                   skin rejuvenation

-                   cellulitis

-                   acne 

-                   stretch marks 

-                   psoriasis

-                   haemorrhoids

-                   respiratory diseases

-                   measles

-                   dental disease

-                   exhaustion

-                   stress 

-                   psychosis

-                   anxiety

-                   epilepsy 

-                   neuritis

-                   urinary tract infections

-                   bacterial infections

-                   fungal infection

-                   psoriasis

-                   libido problems

-                   wound healing

-                   burns

-                   scarring

-                   joint diseases

-                   premature greying

-                   spider veins

-                   oedemas

Effect of gotu kola on cardiovascular diseases

Gotu kola relaxes the blood vessels and keeps them elastic. The bacosides inside release nitrogen and thus relax the main artery (aorta) and the veins and keep the blood vessels elastic. This optimises blood flow.

Gotu kola works against high blood pressure

By keeping the blood vessels elastic, keeping them soft and increasing blood flow, high blood pressure is significantly reduced during the day with just a few fresh gotu kola leaves.

Gotu kola works against atherosclerosis

Arteriosclerotic changes are the main cause of serious heart disease and venous disease, including heart attack and stroke. The positive influence of gotu kola on our connective tissue together with the collagen fibres, which are components of arteries and veins, counteract atherosclerosis. In studies, gotu kola has been shown to counteract venous insufficiency, spider veins, intermittent claudication and oedemas.

Effect of gotu kola on blood cell regeneration

The stimulation of the reticuloendothelial system by the asiaticosides stimulates blood cell regeneration. New blood cells develop and old blood cells are flushed out.

Effect of gotu kola on venous disease (heavy legs, intermittent claudication, etc.)

The pronounced effect on our circulation system has now also been scientifically proven. Gotu kola helps with phlebitis, swollen legs, intermittent claudication, tingling in the legs and the like.

Effect of gotu kola against phlebitis

Phlebitis is the highlight of gotu kola's indications. In studies, gotu kola has achieved a success rate of between 70 and 90 %. A study on 125 patients with phlebitis and brittle capillaries achieved a 90 % success rate using gotu kola (see Chapter “studies”).

Gotu kola as an anti-ageing agent

As already explained, the oldest person who ever lived is said to have also used gotu kola. It cannot be said with 100 % certainty whether this was true or not. But the fact is that gotu kola has an effect on several mechanisms that decide whether you are ‘young’ or ‘old’.

-                   Gotu kola promotes blood cell renewal,

-                   counteracts atherosclerosis,

-                   keeps the cardiovascular system young,

-                   counteracts skin ageing,

-                   dementia and Alzheimer’s,

-                   counteracts age-related cartilage degradation (arthrosis)

-                   and premature hair greying.

Skin tightening and skin rejuvenating effects of gotu kola

Gotu kola supports the collagen structure and thus the firmness and youthfulness of the skin.

The fact that the French Bayer subsidiary SERDEX has had five skin care effects of gotu kola patented also proves this good effect, as it is well known that patent applications in the cosmetics sector are regularly rejected because of undetectable effects.[1]


Wound healing effect of gotu kola

The triterpenoids contained in gotu kola have a wound-healing effect, making it wonderfully suitable for external injuries, burns and various skin diseases. 

Effect of gotu kola against scars 

The collagen-building effect of gotu kola, which promotes the cell renewal of the skin, can even remedy older scars. In this instance, gotu kola is applied internally and externally as an ointment.

Effect against ulcers

The influence of gotu kola on collagen synthesis and the activation of keratin formation counteract ulcers.

Effect of gotu kola on arthritis

The anti-inflammatory effect of gotu kola counteracts arthritis.

Effect of gotu kola against arthrosis

The collagen-strengthening effect of gotu kola supports the regeneration of hyaline cartilage. Furthermore, gotu kola supports the formation of chondroitin, an essential component of articular cartilage.


Effect of gotu kola against stress 

Gotu kola is a highly regarded nerve tonic within traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine and has a depressant effect on the body but is not a classic tranquilliser.

Effect of gotu kola against memory weakness and senility

Gotu kola protects the brain from free radical damage, improves blood circulation to the brain, and works like ginkgo biloba. Furthermore, the protein ‘bacoside’ nourishes the brain cells.

In studies, gotu kola has shown a positive influence on the memory and counteracted senility. Indians believe that the excellent memory of elephants is down to the fact that they eat gotu kola.

According to Ayurvedic teachings, gotu kola can reconcile the two halves of the brain, increase intelligence and positively influence emotions.

Gotu kola and its effects on fears and stress 

Gotu kola has been shown to have an anxiolytic, sedative effect in studies, which is attributed to the ‘cholinergic mechanism’.


Effect of gotu kola against cellulitis

Gotu kola acts on the fibroblasts in the connective tissue and is thus effective against cellulite, which is reflected in studies by a success rate of up to 80 %.

Gotu kola for beauty

In addition to its positive effect against cellulitis, gotu kola tightens the connective tissue and proves to be very beneficial for the skin. It stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes the healthy growth of our nails.

[1]Biopirate BAYER: Natural products as a cheap resource

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