DMAE – does it improve our brain?


DMAE – What is it?

A very chemical-sounding name for a natural substance produced by the body which can do more for our health and ageing than the layperson (and even your doctor!) would suspect at first glance...

But what is this substance called ‘dimethylaminoethanol’ with the acronym DMAE, and what exactly can DMAE do for us?

Dimethylaminoethanol is a substance that is always naturally present in small amounts in the brain and can be proven to improve brain function and physique via additional supplementation. It joins the category of nootropic substances and is known as a so-called nootropic. These are substances that can optimise brain functions. They can restore certain areas of the nervous system and affect consciousness.

As a nootropic substance, DMAE does not interfere with the subcortical processes known from the reticular or limbic system, but instead acts directly on the cortical system.

The positive influence of serotonin production has the effect of improving mood, which impacts the cell membranes in the brain:

-       It counteracts stress,

-       improves brain performance,

-       increases memory efficiency,

-       optimises powers of concentration

-       and counteracts fatigue, apathy and anxiety.


It is not surprising that DMAE is a central focus of research into neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

In addition, DMAE has made a name for itself as a fountain of youth, especially in the field of anti-ageing, with its ability to extend the life of our cells.

Effects of DMAE 

Before we come to the things DMAE works ‘against’, i.e. to the specific effect of DMAE against illnesses and physical ailments, we first of all examine the ‘how’, i.e. the way DMAE works.

Its mode of action is very complex; it encompasses, but is not limited to, the following mechanisms:

-       It protects cell membranes from destruction.

-       It promotes resilience and elasticity in the body cells.

-       It stimulates certain areas of the brain and helps them manage tasks more efficiently.

-       It increases the concentration of the neurotransmitters ‘actylcholine’ and ‘choline’, thereby improving the transmission of nerve impulses and increasing the efficiency of the brain.

-       It generally increases the number of messenger substances in the brain.

-       It promotes the production of serotonin.

-       It increases attentiveness and lifts a person’s mood.

-       It boosts neuromotor control.

-       It increases the interaction between the two halves of the brain, synchronising their work more efficiently.

-       By activating antioxidative enzymes, it prevents the accumulation of lipofuscin and age-related pigment which accumulate in the brain and heart muscle.

-       As an antioxidant, it protects the nerve cells from attacks and destruction caused by free radicals.

-       It removes protein deposits in the brain which have   

-       accumulated over time and which lead brain disorders that are typical with age.

-       It increases the life span of brain cells.

-       It strengthens internal organs, especially the heart, kidneys and liver.

-       It strengthens the entire connective tissue, smoothens skin folds and counteracts new wrinkle formation.

-       It contributes to muscle strengthening.

-       It promotes a healthy sleep cycle.

The protection of cells and cell membranes by DMAE cannot be overstated because it has a direct effect on all our organs and their functions. Dimethylaminoethanol is able to increase the vitality of every body cell and increase its lifespan and thus our own lifespan.

A special role is played by the DMAE within our main control centre, the brain. The protection of the brain from free radicals, the blocking of ageing pigments in the brain, the removal of water-insoluble protein deposits, the functional synchronisation of both halves of the brain, the increase in neuromotor control and the increase of the neurotransmitters ‘acetylcholine’ and ‘choline’ lead to a remarkable protection and optimisation of all motor and cognitive abilities, such as the ability to learn, memory, the ability to pay attention, sense of orientation, creativity, reasoning and imagination as well as articulation.

Furthermore, DMAE improves mood; it also counteracts depression, apathy and anxiety.

Specific effect on diseases and conditions

The main indications include the improvement of brain functions and the increase of brain performance and mood. In addition, DMAE is used for anti-ageing purposes.

In summary, DMAE is proven to demonstrate the following abilities:

-       Increase in brain power,

-       improved learning and willingness to learn,

-       improved memory capability (memory optimisation),

-       improved ability to concentrate,

-       counteracting apathy,

-       improving mood,

-       optimisation of sleeping and waking phases,

-       increase in physical and mental energy,

-       partial reversal of existing ageing processes, especially in the brain,

-       protection against new ageing processes (especially in the brain),

-       strengthening of the entire connective tissue and skin tightening.

This is reflected positively in the following illnesses and pathologies:

-                   learning difficulties

-                   poor concentration

-                   memory impairment

-                   Alzheimer's disease

-                   dementia/senile dementia

-                   apathy

-                   depression

-                   insomnia

-                   chronic fatigue

-                   late dyskinesia (dyskinesia tarda)

-                   akathisia

-                   brain ageing

-                   depressive states

-                   ADHD/attention deficit

-                   hyperactivity

-                   hyperkinesis

-                   skin ageing

-                   ageing spots 

-                   connective tissue weakness


Performance enhancing effect of DMAE on the brain

By increasing the messenger substances in the brain, especially neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, the transmission of nerve impulses is improved. DMAE also improves the interaction and thus the synchronisation of the two halves of the brain, which can thus accomplish their tasks more efficiently in harmony. The neuromotor control is increased, and the brain performance and brain functions are optimised.


Consequences of the performance-enhancing effect on the brain

The increase in brain performance has a positive effect on:

-       the memory,

-       general thinking ability,

-       the ability to learn (for example, learning vocabulary is easier),

-       the willingness to learn (is increased)

-       and the ability to concentrate.

Effect on sleep disorders

DMAE ensures a healthy, deep sleep in the medium term by normalising the sleeping pattern. During the night your sleep is deep and relaxed, during the day, you are well-rested and rarely tired.

Effect against depression

Dimethylaminoethanol promotes the production of serotonin, which is also popularly known as the ‘happiness hormone’, and can help with depression.

Effect on connective tissue and the skin

DMAE has a positive effect on the connective tissue's cellular structure and can thus keep our connective tissue, skin, tendons and ligaments taut, healthy and youthful, even in old age. The cosmetics industry has also got wind of this and now offers skin creams based on DMAE.

Effect as a natural anti-ageing substance

DMAE can confidently be described as a ‘fountain of youth for body and soul’. At a young age, the body produces enough DMAE itself. Unfortunately, with advancing age, this production diminishes, resulting in membrane damage. This in turn means that cell toxins and waste can no longer be effectively transported out of the body, which leads to cell ageing.

In the end, this also evokes the much-despised signs of ageing: brain performance diminishes, connective tissue relaxes, wrinkles set in, and the ratio of muscle to fat changes in favour of the latter.

This ageing process, considered unavoidable until recently, can be counteracted by targeted use of DMAE.

The protection of cells and cell membranes (DMAE increases the resistance and the elasticity of the cells) prolongs their lifespan, which is soon reflected externally in the form of a firmer and wrinkle-free skin.

But the internal aspects are much more important, such as our organs, the brain, blood vessels and nerve cells, all of which benefit from DMAE and whose biological ageing is delayed. In particular, the heart, kidneys and liver are strengthened, which on its own, according to statistics, results in significant life extension. Apathy, senile dementia and Alzheimer's are counteracted. 

Effect of DMAE on age spots

While age spots on the skin damage appearance, age spots also occur in the heart and brain. DMAE knows how to stop these mechanisms, both in our internal organs and on the skin!


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