DMAE - did You know about this studies?


DMAE studies


Study on the effects of DMAE on depression and fatigue


A study on 100 subjects showed that DMAE fights mild depression and fatigue; sleep also improved.


DMAE dissolves harmful protein deposits in the brain in studies


In an animal study, it has been demonstrated that DMAE can dissolve harmful, water-insoluble protein deposits that are caused by free radicals and increase with age.




Anxiety has been reduced in studies


Patients suffering from anxiety were able to reduce it using DMAE as medication. Neuromotor coordination was improved and the vocabulary memory increased.


DMAE prevent signs of ageing and ‑pigments in the brain and heart in studies


In studies, DMAE was able to limit the production of lipofuscin, the so-called age pigments in the brain and the heart muscle.


DMAE inhibits the progression of late dyskinesia and helps with akathisia


In studies, DMAE was able to inhibit the disease progression of tardive dyskinesia (movement disorders) and alleviate the typical symptoms of akathisia (restlessness and convulsive movement).


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