Coenzym Q10 - what is it and how does it help?

What is coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone, ubiquinol or simply ‘Q10’ – four terms that describe the same thing, namely an essential (necessary for life) vital substance with remarkable, even miraculous potential. 

The discovery of the revolutionary enzyme Q10 was a milestone in the medical sciences and even led to a Nobel Prize in 1978 for its discoverer, Prof. Dr. Mitchell. Of the four listed terms, the term ‘Q10’ will be familiar to most of the members of the female sex from cosmetics, and some men will have also undoubtedly also taken note of the term. Hardly known to doctors, coenzyme Q10 has been successfully used as a matter of course for years in many other countries on this planet as a recognised therapy. 

Supported by numerous representative studies and statements of world-famous experts in the realm of medicine, we will provide another piece of evidence for how reliant upon coenzyme Q10 we human beings are.

For the sake of simplicity, we will use the term ‘Q10’ for the rest of the text when we are speaking of coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinone/ubiquinol.

Most women will be familiar with the term Q10 from advertisements for anti-wrinkle creams, soaps and body lotions, as Q10 is praised there as a defence of the skin cells against free radicals. Very few people are aware, however, of the existence of Q10 in capsule form to protect not only our skin cells but ALL of our cells.

On the other hand, you might rightfully ask why we hear about Q10 all over the place in cosmetics but not in the area of health—especially since, as mentioned, Q10 can be taken in capsule form? The answer is close at hand:

Wrinkles are not an illness that can be transformed into billions of dollars in sales, and anti-wrinkle creams do not compete in any way with the expensive medications of the pharmaceutical industry. The revenue of the pharmaceutical industry is thus not endangered if a natural substance becomes known which prevents or decreases wrinkles in local application (as a cream or lotion).

So long as it remains exclusively a matter of the local application mentioned! The story changes entirely exactly when we start to speak of Q10 as a panacea in capsule form, as taking it as a capsule expands the spectrum of effects on our entire organism, and a wrinkle treatment becomes a whole body restoration that, in addition to fighting wrinkles from within, is also able to prevent and curb all sorts of illnesses, something that ‘Big Pharma’, marketing their medications, does not particularly like.

In other words: If the enormous advantages of coenzyme Q10 for our health, in both prevention and treatment of illness (especially notable for heart disease, of which one in two dies), then Big Pharma would very soon have to lament billions in lost profits. And they definitely know how to prevent this of course... 

Opposed to the few qualified statements of ‘authorities’ which you will find on the internet are innumerable positive, serious studies and observations carried out by doctors from around the world for 30 years on millions of patients.

Before we extensively illustrate the modes of action and the enormous spectrum of effects of Q10 and present you with representative studies in our accustomed style, let us listen to the voices of experts:

In their declaration at Saas Fee on 15 June 1992, Prof. Dr. Dr. Charles Hennekens of Harvard University, Prof. Dr. Dr. Anthony T. Diplock, London, Prof. Dr. Dr. Karlheinz Schmidt of the University of Tübingen, Prof. Dr. Mulchand S. Patel, Cleveland, Prof. Dr. Julie E. Buring of Harvard University, Prof. Dr. Igor Afanasev, Moscow, Prof. Dr. Lester Packer, Berkley, PD Dr. Bodo Kuklinski, University of Rostock, and Dr. Matilde Maiorino, Padua, declared that Q10 was explicitly ‘safe’ and emphatically recommended its use. In addition to this, more and more experts from around the world are learning about this miraculous substance and are recommending Q10 out of conviction.

But read for yourself:

‘After 31 years of scientific research, Q10 is today considered historic in the realms of health and nutrition. The ability of Q10 to improve and even eliminate a large number of health problems has amazed doctors and patients from around the world.’ (Dr. S. Wagner, American Institute for Health and Nutrition, USA)

‘Q10 is one of the most important discoveries of nutritional science in the past decades. Q10 gives the heart its natural vitality back. I take it daily.’ (Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling, vitamin researcher and two-time Nobel Prize recipient)

‘These test subjects whose condition was constantly worsening and who only had 2 years left to live under conventional treatment showed an extraordinary overall clinical improvement. That suggests that Q10 therapy might be able to lengthen lifespan.’ (Dr. Langsjoen, Scott and White Clinic, Texas A&M University, USA)

‘Our lives are in danger starting at a 75 % Q10 deficit.’ (Dr. med. Emile G. Bliznakow

‘Q10 achieves better results in persons with severe heart disease than traditional treatments... Improved quality of life for persons with severe heart disease... Normalisation of Q10 levels in the heart causes significant increase in organ performance... Q10 protects against repeat heart attacks... The more serious the clinical picture, the more Q10 the heart absorbs... Dramatic consequences with decrease of additional Q10 dispensations... Successful long-term treatment with Q10... Reduced side effects with a combination of Q10 and heart preparations... Q10 decreases angina pectoris attacks... Q10 protects the heart before, during and after heart operations.’ (Dr. med. E. G. Bliznakow)

Heart patients felt personally less tired, their tolerance for activity increased and existing ageing complaints disappeared.’ (Dr. Mortensen, Municipal Hospital Denmark)

‘Your improvement in heart performance seems to have been achieved through Q10, which makes the possibility of using this substance during sports significant, including and especially in competitive sports.’ (Servizio di Medicina dello Sport, Jesi, Italy)

‘Our results show that Q10 can be used prophylactically to protect the heart muscle from the terrible consequences of ischemia.’ (Dr. G. Nayler, Cardiothoracic Institute of the University of London)

‘The intellectual ethics of doctors, and cardiologists specifically, should be questioned if they administer all possible available and indicated medications without including Q10. Because no heart medication can remedy a lack of Q10.’ (Professor Dr. Karl Folkers, University of Texas)

 ‘In healthy hearts, Q10 content is sufficient, but in pathological stages or with heart disease, there is a Q10 deficit.’ (Dr. Tsuyuasaki, Kitaseto University Clinic, Japan)

‘The increase in heart performance, the minimised susceptibility to heart attack and the increased survival time with patients treated with Q10 is the beginning of a new era in the treatment of heart muscle diseases due to energy deficit and the failure of the heart muscle.’ (Dr. W. V. Judy, St. Vicent Hospital, USA)

‘The maximum capacity of the heart was able to be continually increased during the 8 weeks of Q10 administration.’ (Dr. Vanfraechem, University of Brussels)

‘Q10 is simply a prerequisite for human life—no Q10, no life.’ (Professor Dr. Karl Folkers, University of Texas)

‘Without Q10 there is no energy. If you rob the mitochondria of Q10, the cell is about as powerful as a 4-cylinder engine without an ignition plug. The machine is dead and doesn’t start.’ (Prof. Bliznakow)

The awarding of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of Q10 to discoverer Prof. Dr. Mitchell as well as the above-mentioned quotes of leading doctors and scientists should silence every objective critic, but, well... (see above)!


Did you know that

·        ... Q10 provides 95 % of our total bodily energy?

·        ...our bodies are composed of 37,2 trillion cells, that every disease is connected to a malfunctioning body cell and that Q10 is exactly what provides the sparks for energy supply and oxygen delivery for EVERY one of these cells?

·        ...a deficit of Q10 of even 25 % leads to illness and a deficit of 75 % or greater can endanger our lives?

·        ...a deficit of Q10 can lead to the suffocation of cells and thus to your death?

·        ...logically, the reverse must be true that Q10 has the impressive potential to keep our cells and thus our entire organism healthy and vital?

·        ... Q10 is a natural element of nutrition but that the supply of Q10 to our bodies via food is insufficient due to drained soils, long storage times, pesticides, and so on?

·        ... you would therefore have to eat around 1.6kg of sardines or 3kg of beef daily to receive the recommended amount for healthy people of 100mg Q10 per day?

·        ...your body’s own production starts continually declining after the age of 20 and, starting then, an additional supply with Q10 preparations becomes necessary?

·        ... Q10 is generally required by our bodies at the places where it is used, e.g. with wounds, diseased areas, radiation etc. and that every sick person shows a measurably insufficient Q10 level in their blood?

·        ...only 25 % of all healthy people (almost exclusively children and adolescents) have a sufficient Q10 level?

·        ... Q10 has the ability to delay ageing and prolong our lives?

·        ... Q10 naturally combats excess weight?

·        ... Q10 strengthens our immune systems, has been proven to prevent heart disease and decrease high blood pressure? 

·        ...our heart beats about 100,000 times per day and that coenzyme Q10 provides the ignition for the energy of every one of these heartbeats and is therefore exactly why the highest incidence of Q10 is in the heart?

·        ... Q10 can even replace cardio training, because it can increase heart strength without endurance training?

·        ...athletes especially profit from Q10, both in its health aspects (defence against the free radicals produced by athletes) and in increased performance?

·     ... Q10 was able to improve endurance in studied of performance athletes by 30 %?

·        ... Q10 has been taken by millions of people for over 20 years and yet no side effects have been noted at all?

·        ...on the contrary, Q10 can even weaken the side effects of medications and strengthen their desired effects?

·        ...not many years ago, 1g of coenzyme Q10, painstakingly extracted from cow hearts, was worth an amazing 1000 euros, so 30 times the current price of gold, and that it is now affordable for EVERYONE?

For every halfway intelligent person, this is simply too many convincing arguments in favour of the consumption of Q10.

While the coenzyme Q10, as a relatively new vital substance, has long-since rightfully achieved major popularity in the US and Japan (in Japan alone it is taken regularly by 10 million people and even used as a recognised treatment in hospitals), we were first introduced to the substance through the publication of the book Herzwunder Q10 (‘Heart Wonder Q10’) by Dr. Emile G. Bliznakov.

One really has to question why the doctors in our country only know a very small amount about this substance, and still less recommend it to their patients...



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