"Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity" (eBook version)

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This is the ebook version (pdf) of the "Codex Humanus – The Book of Humanity."... more
Product information ""Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity" (eBook version)"
This is the ebook version (pdf) of the "Codex Humanus – The Book of Humanity." Alternatively, you can purchase the paper (physical) edition of the book HERE    


Finally, the German bestseller "Codex Humanus" is also available in the English language!

Use the power of Mother Nature and protect yourself and your family...!
Find out facts first hand and use the complete Power of Mother Nature in order to successfully overcome all diseases now and in the future – without any aggressive chemicals from the pharmaceutical industry! The first book, which combines all the key aspects of traditional alternative medicine (including traditional Chinese medicine TCM, Ayurveda, Central and South American indigenous medicine, etc.) with the modern achievements of orthomolecular medicine, biochemistry and gerontology, is published without censorship! 


·        All the important natural remedies from all continents, cultures and epochs of the world spread over 1900 pages         

·        Sabotaged and concealed studies on sensational successes in prevention and therapy for every imaginable disease!




·        Clearly structured tables showing active substances and effects enable the fastest possible identification!


·        A controversial, unique compendium and reference work about the most important therapeutic substances and explosive study results from alternative medicine!

This book takes the fear factor out of every disease..!"



Video presentation

You can see our best-selling book "Codex Humanus" presented by the respected naturopathy expert Robert Franz in the following video!


Read sample of this ebook for free, Click here => Codex-Humanus-Book-of-Humanity-Sample

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