Effect against arthritis
The anti-inflammatory effect of pomegranate works to alleviate symptoms such as arthritis. In this way, pomegranate protects the destruction of cartilage cells by arthritis. Here, polyphenols have an anti-inflammatory effect on the eicosanoid metabolism.
Effect against atherosclerosis
According to a long-term study, pomegranate juice can stop the development of atherosclerosis (deposits in blood vessels) and even reverse them by up to 30 % (see ‘Studies’ section).
Studies on gotu kola
Gotu kola shows an 80 % success rate in the prevention and treatment of cellulitis
Gotu kola has had sensational success in the prevention and treatment of cellulitis.
Studies show gotu kola has a 70 to 90 % success rate in treating phlebitis
In several studies, gotu kola has achieved a success rate of between 70 and 90 %. A study on 125 patients with phlebitis and brittle capillaries achieved a 90 % success rate using gotu kola, as published by the Gazette Medicale de France in 1971.
Gotu kola has positive effects on memory
Gotu kola has shown a positive effect on the memory in studies.