The effect of green tea on our health

The above-mentioned active ingredients trigger very effective healing mechanisms, which combat countless illnesses preventively and therapeutically.
AIDS: effect is still being researched, internal intake recommended
Allergies: often caused by fungi, internal intake
Amoebic dysentery: continue to take even after the symptoms have resolved, internal intake
Angina or tonsillitis: internal intake and gargling with 10 drops per 200 ml
Arthritis/joint inflammation: internal intake for several months often helpful
Asthma: in some cases, internal intake helps, 1-3 months of use
Stomach pain: often, internal intake helps
Flatulence: often caused by germs, fungi or parasites, internal intake
Cystitis/bladder problems: internal intake
Bronchitis: internal intake and gargling with 10 drops per 200 ml
Pineapple/bromelain and the immune-strengthening effect
In a similar way to papaya, pineapple's stimulating and regulating effect on our immune system is multifactorial and takes place on the following basis: