Before we turn to the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of green tea in individual diseases in detail, we should first look at the active ingredients in green tea.
Mother Nature endowed pomegranate, nicknamed the ‘paradise apple’, with numerous nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals and fatty acids – bio-active substances which should justify these benefits with one feature or another that is worthy of note for our health and well-being.
As with all traditional Chinese remedies, it is the perfect interplay of Mother Nature's miraculously balanced ingredients that produces the amazing effects we have discussed in the section on the ingredients of Astralagus.
While most promises of health benefits are reserved for southern hemisphere fruits and vegetables which have such exotic names as ‘noni’ or ‘aloe vera’, a rather timid, native crop causes quite a stir with the simple name ‘aronia berry’ (also called ‘apple berry’ or ‘black mountain ash’).