Saponins in astragalus protect the heart muscle from dangerous lipid peroxidation and blood clotting.
Astragalus reduces heart rate in congestive heart failure and reduces discomfort and much more...
If there were a Nobel Prize for a plant or any nutrient with the highest nutritional content, it would in all likelihood go to spirulina platensis.
Imagine a totally incredible natural substance, shown in studies to increase lifespan, prevent and combat even severe illnesses like cancer in every stage, with a positive effect on numerous other diseases like arthritis, circulatory diseases, diabetes and multiple sclerosis and which, if that wasn’t enough, regulates fat metabolism (helps with weight loss!) and has been sensationally shown in animal studies to double endurance ability...

This short description applies to resveratrol, a substance that has only been a focus of scientific attention for the past few years, but since then has been more intensively researched and has continually led to sensational insights!
Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone, ubiquinol or simply ‘Q10’ – four terms that describe the same thing, namely an essential (necessary for life) vital substance with remarkable, even miraculous potential.

The discovery of the revolutionary enzyme Q10 was a milestone in the medical sciences and even led to a Nobel Prize in 1978 for its discoverer, Prof. Dr. Mitchell. Of the four listed terms, the term ‘Q10’ will be familiar to most of the members of the female sex from cosmetics, and some men will have also undoubtedly also taken note of the term. Hardly known to doctors, coenzyme Q10 has been successfully used as a matter of course for years in many other countries on this planet as a recognised therapy.

Supported by numerous representative studies and statements of world-famous experts in the realm of medicine, we will provide another piece of evidence for how reliant upon coenzyme Q10 we human beings are.
OPC, an abbreviation for oligomeric proanthocyanidins, belongs to the relatively young genus of phytochemicals (bioflavonoids) with astonishing properties in the prevention and treatment of diseases and premature ageing.

Most of the time, people are initially very sceptical when they hear about a natural substance with a great spectrum of wonderful effects.

How can one and the same substance help with eye problems, reduce skin wrinkles, make joints painless again, prevent heart attacks and also counteract biological ageing?

Conventional medicine teaches us a very isolated view – we have a specialist ophthalmologist, a dermatologist and an orthopaedic surgeon for different ailments – a fatal mistake, because our body is a unified organism and should therefore be regarded holistically...!
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Due to the massive resistance of the medical establishment and studies that have obviously been manipulated, the principle of action of vitamin B17 (laetrile, amygdalin) has never been objectively scientifically clarified with the utmost assurance, or, such research results have never been disclosed to the public.
Mother Nature endowed pomegranate, nicknamed the ‘paradise apple’, with numerous nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals and fatty acids – bio-active substances which should justify these benefits with one feature or another that is worthy of note for our health and well-being.
While most promises of health benefits are reserved for southern hemisphere fruits and vegetables which have such exotic names as ‘noni’ or ‘aloe vera’, a rather timid, native crop causes quite a stir with the simple name ‘aronia berry’ (also called ‘apple berry’ or ‘black mountain ash’).